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Signographics opened in 1983, manufacturing custom architectural signs and structures. As a Los Angeles-based company we understand the importance of quality products like flat cutout letters. Over the past thirty years we have been able to perfect our craft to accommodate any request, and have evolved from a small family owned business to a corporation with international clientele.

You can trust us to fabricate anything from a simple numerical sign to a finely executed custom structure. At Signographics we believe in providing the highest quality signs paired with the best customer service possible. Since our inception we have successfully catered to the needs of other sign companies. Our competitive pricing and fast wholesale capabilities have allowed us to grow exponentially.

We are able to cut solid materials such as stainless steel, bronze, copper, aluminum, acrylic, brass, steel, and more. We can create using any materials, regardless of their thickness. Whenever we cut anything it is always by hand in order to allow for full customization. From sharp edges to odd shapes, Signographics is prepared to take on your project!

We also use any finish, including polished, brushed, patina, oxidized, or simply painted. If you are interested in our flat cutout letter service, feel free to contact any of our skilled team members right away. We promise to take care of all your lettering needs!

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